Start Saving Immediately

Thanks to recent Energy Deregulation laws, you are now legally entitled to seek out the lowest, most competitive rates for your energy supplier, potentially saving yourself hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars every year for your gas and electricity. Take advantage of your right to choose and your right to save money and switch to Citizens Choice.

Same Product - Lower Price

It only takes 5 minutes to switch, there's no interruption of service, and your local utility company still maintains the lines, sends out bills, and handles customer service. The only thing you should notice is the monthly savings when you get your bill. Best of all, the $50 rebate check is yours* as a free gift just for trying Citizens Choice. There's no locked-in term and no cost to enroll or cancel – this is a completely risk-free offer!
*FREE Month of Electricity” Offer is limited to new customers who switch their electric and natural gas service supply to Citizens Choice Energy. To qualify customers must maintain active service in good standing for 4 months. In month 5, customers will receive a rebate check for up to $50 based upon actual energy supplied by Citizens Choice Energy in month 4. Value of this offer not to exceed $50.

**The energy supplied by Citizens Choice Energy is a variable rate. The potential savings are based on market rates and usage history and there is no specific guarantee of savings